Weber - World leader in industrial mortars.

Formulator and manufacturer of building materials for the facade, construction mortars, flooring systems and tile fixing markets, Weber’s well established product range includes monocouche renders, external wall insulation systems, tile adhesives/grouts, levelling compounds and specialist construction products.

Our Solutions:

Locally designed and developed for and with our customers. We offer a complete range of solutions developed using advanced formulation technology to meet the highest technical requirements.

  • Solutions for façade and external wall thermal insulation.
  • Solutions for fixing tiles and natural stones.
  • Flooring solutions: mineral-based products and systems.
  • Technical mortar solutions.
  • Masonry mortars.
  • Plastering mortars.
  • Expanded clay.

Weber - Tile Fixing.

Fixing tiles in residential areas:

Weber provides solutions for tiling kitchens, bathrooms and any other interior walls and floors with every type and size of tile on any substrate. We guarantee long-lasting adhesion and optimal workability.

Fixing tiles in commercial and public areas:

Weber’s fast and safe solutions reduce maintenance costs in commercial and public areas where tiles are subject to intense and heavy traffic.

Fixing tiles in industrial areas:

Tiles in industrial areas can be subject to heavy traffic and loads, as well as chemical aggression, high pressure cleaning and other stresses. Weber’s solutions and optimal application methods ensure safe and long-lasting application to meets the needs of the most demanding environment.

Tiles are the best covering for wet areas. But it is important to realize that a tiling surface is not waterproof.

Bathrooms, showers and wet rooms

In bathrooms, showers and wet rooms, tiles are subject to constant water exposure.It is very difficult to ensure a complete seal at the grout joints, at wall and floor junctions and around water pipes.

Despite air movement, these rooms may remain wet and dirty, and fungus may grow on the grouting.

Tiling these rooms, therefore, requires solutions with water protection systems and high-performance adhesives and grouts.

Balconies and terraces

Balconies and terraces are subject to bad weather conditions and the thermal shocks that result from extremes of warmth and cold. A tiled floor is not waterproof, which means water can seep into the joints. Frost and heat can amplify the damaging effects of water and lead to tiles cracking and becoming dislodged.

Swimming pools

In a public or private swimming pool, conditions are very aggressive:

  • permanent immersion of the tiles in chlorinated water
  • the weight of water inside the swimming pool, or from outside when the pool is empty
  • use of detergents and high-pressure cleaning

With a combination of waterproofing membranes, water-resistant adhesives and highly resistant grouts, Weber guarantees long lasting tiling for all kinds of pools.

Ceramic tiles are rigid and highly resistant, making them an ideal covering for floors. But they can transmit impact noise from footsteps, for example, through intermediate floors and vertical partitions.

Impact noise insulation is a requirement for new buildings, and should also be used when floor coverings are changed (from carpet to ceramic tile, for example) during renovation. Weber acoustic systems achieve noise insulation without compromising the durability, aesthetics or maintenance of the tiles.