Montania Tile Grout:

Montania Tile Grout is a high quality grout used for grouping ceramic floor and wall, pottery tiles, mosaic tiles, marble or granite and sanitary ware, for both interior and exterior

Product Application:
Applicable for grouting the joints between 2-3 mm.

It has a good bonding and prevents fungus.

In accordance with ANSI A108.1, A108.4, A108.5, A108.7, A108.10, and ANSI A118.6 H-2.3

Package Condition:
1 kg/bag

Montania White Cement:

Montania WHITE cement is a rapid hardening Portland cement with high early (2 days) and standard (28 days) strengths, produced if extremely pure limestone and fine ground sand.
What makes Montania WHITE cement so unique is the white colour, the high consistency, the extraordinary low content of alkali and the high sulphate resistance.
Montania WHITE cement can be described as a low-alkali, sulphate resistant cement by most national standards.
Montania WHITE cement is made in turkey specially formulated for swimming pool plaster applications. White cement has proven to be “trouble-free” in this industry. Montania WHITE cement is regarded as top quality white cement for the pool industry due to its versatility and workability characteristics.


  • WHITE cement gives you the opportunity to choose among all the colours of the spectrum when producing your concrete or dry mix. WHITE cement is the base colour.
  • WHITE concrete is obtained by mixing WHITE cement with pure, light sand and white aggregates like white granite, white marble or crushed calcined flint.
  • Light grey concrete is obtained by mixing with ordinary aggregates or with grey Portland cement.
  • Coloured concrete is obtained by mixing with pigments.
  • WHITE cement is also perfect in concrete for panels, balconies, cornices, ornaments, paving stones and flags, sculptures, in terrazzo, for swimming pools and in light pointing mortar.